ceramic water filter

Water Purifier

Solpure Water Purifier is a India's first patented water purification system which is housed in an earthen pot itself. As it is made up of clay it has an added advantage of natural cooling. Solpure has powerful health benefits which naturally transforms the dead water in to alkaline water.
“Clay is naturally alkaline in nature. When water is stored in it, it takes on the properties of clay and becomes alkaline”

Solpure Water Purifier is a water purification system which has a natural cooling capacity. It comes with a gross storage capacity of 10 litres. It is made up of clay and referred as “matka” in India. These earthen pots have many natural benefits and using them is the best way to store drinking water.It naturally makes water alkaline and adjusts the pH balance. It is known as a natural coolant because it helps the heat to evaporate leaving the clay pot wetter which makes the water cooler.Solpure Water Purifier is made using materials which are hygienic and eco-friendly. And it purifies the water and makes it alkaline.

Materials Used
  1. Material of Construction : Food grade & Nontoxic engineering plastic, Phosphor Bronze.
  2. Container vessel : Earthen Clay Pot.
  3. Purification Capacity of UF membrane : 2500 liters.
  4. Performance Standard : Lab tested by Bhavan's Research Center microbiology
  5. Gross Storage Capacity : 10 liters
  6. Installation : CounterTop
  7. Life of UF membrane : 1year*
  8. Life of Alkaline ceramic balls : 3years*
  9. Maintenance : Self-Maintainable
  10. Type of Purifier : Non-Electric

* Please read the manual for detailed instruction

  1. Copper effects benefits.
  2. Pyramid effects benefits.
  3. Magnet water benefits.
  4. UF membrane benefits.
  5. Mineral Boosters.
  6. Natural Cooling.
  7. Non-Electric.
  8. Storage Facility.
  9. Water level indicator.
  10. No Professional Maintenance.
  11. No Water Wastage.
  12. Chemical Free Purity.
  13. User Friendly.
  14. Health Benefits.
  15. Removes Bacteria & Virus.
  16. Natural Clay.
  17. Simple & Easy to use
  18. Advanced & Patented Technology.
  1. Supplies health sustaining minerals such as Ca, Na, k, Mg to our body.
  2. Prevents sunstrokes during summer.
  3. Contains small water cluster that hydrates the body up to 3 times more effective than normal water.
  4. Removes harmful active oxygen that causes cancer, diabetes, hypertension and many other water-borne diseases.
  5. Restores pH balance in body.
  6. Reduces cholesterol & blood sugar levels.
  7. Improves blood circulation.
  8. Promotes better digestion.
  9. Has healing capacity.
  10. Cleanses skin affected with acne, burns, ulcerated areas, boils and bedsores.
  11. Converts dead water to drinkable alkaline water.
  12. Has naturally healing benefits.
  13. Improves the metabolism of body.
  14. Naturally alkaline.
  15. Good for throat while suffering through cough and cold.
  1. Value for money.
  2. No professional maintenance.
  3. No cost of electricity.
  4. Durable.
  5. Multiple Use.
  1. No water wastage.
  2. Replacement to plastic packaged drinking water.
  3. Reduces pollutions of waste plastic.
  4. Non electric, hence saves energy.